Qwirkle iOS Game
Released on iTunes January 2014
Art Direction / UI Design / Particle FX
This game was adapted from the award-winning Mindware game and developed for iOS using the Unity engine. In addition to managing and directing the art team, I created the particle effects, designed, and implemented the user interface. We focused extensively on the user experience of the product in order to make the game intuitive and enjoyable for players of all ages while keeping the game as true as possible to its physical roots and create a successful extension of the brand experience.
Quarriors iOS Game
Released on iTunes December 2013
Art Direction / UI & UX Design / Particle FX
This game was adapted for iOS from an award-winning collectible dice game published by Wizkids. I undertook the conceptualization of the interface and user experience design required to effectively translate the experience of playing the physical board game into the digital product. During a rapid development cycle, I successfully directed the art team in executing my vision while keeping true to the brand’s established look, feel, and unique sense of humor. In addition to direction and conceptual work, I also created numerous particle effects seen in the game.
Tab App Elite iOS & Android Game
Released on iTunes June 2013 / Android June 2013
Art Direction / Game Design / UI & UX Design / Particle FX
I managed and led the development of the TabApp mobile game, directing a team of a dozen artists and animators in developing over 100 characters from MARVEL and DC Comics. During the fast paced development, I was responsible for training the art & design teams on how to work with the Unity development platform. In addition to providing art direction on the project, I visualized and created all of the special effects to bring life to the characters’ super powers, conceived and directed the playable maps for the battles, contributed pop-up comic style introductions to the various boss villains, and devised the user experience for the product.
Tab App Elite Collectible Toys
Mass Market Release Q2  2013
Art Direction
One of the main objectives of the development was to create a mobile game that interacted with physical toys. I collaborated with a team of engineers in envisioning, designing and prototyping the capacitive bases on which the physical HeroClix toys were mounted and the Clix Station that was featured in TabApp elite.
HeroClix Online
Micro-Transaction Online Game Released on PC June 2010
Art Direction / Game Design (Adaptation) / UI & UX Design
On this project, I was responsible for conceptualizing an adaptation of the popular collectible miniatures game, HeroClix from WizKids. As Art Director at Icarus Studios, I led a small team of a dozen internal and outsourced artists and managed the art production budget and schedules as well as overseeing the creation of character assets, and map design. Additionally, I conceptualized and provided the interface art & design while working on designing a user experience that would streamline the game's complex rule set and turn based system into a minimalist and easy to comprehend user interface.
Released on Facebook April 2012
Art Direction / 2D Engine Development & Design / UI & UX Design / Tiled Terrains / Level Designs
On this project, I teamed up with a programmer to envision, design and create a 2D isometric component for the Icarus Studios xScape Engine that would enable the creation of inter-connected 2D and 3D worlds. The Borgias Facebook game was the initial proof of concept for the 2D isometric engine.
During the project, I managed and led a team of a dozen internal and outsourced artists in creating 3D models for the environmental assets that were rendered out as 2D sprites and creating the 2D vector art for the characters. I provided the final map designs as well as creating the tiled terrain elements and terrain objects used to decorate the scenes.
Dexter: The Game
Released on iTunes September 2009 / PC March 2011

Art Direction / Mini Games / Game Design / UI & UX Design / Story Boarding
In addition to directing an art development team of 12 artists and 5 animators in creating the graphics, UI,  and animations for the Dexter iOS game, I designed and produced the UI and mini games featured throughout the game, crafted all of the storyboards for the cut scenes and contributed to the overall game design and mechanics. Dexter: The Game was a ground breaking critical and commercial success when it was initially released. 

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